Recovery is possible. It is not easy, it will be a daily struggle to maintain sobriety, but it is doable. You should take it day by day, sometimes minute by minute is necessary. Your recovery will look very different from my recovery. There is not a one size fits all path to recovery. Everyone must walk their own path in their own time.

Relapse is possible and most likely probable, at any stage of recovery. The most important thing to remember is that a relapse does not mean you have hit the reset button. You have not erased everything you learned prior to the relapse, so you are not back at square one.

Use a relapse as another tool to grow from. Why did you relapse? What were the circumstances surrounding it? What can you learn from this event so you are not doomed to repeat it? Be kind to yourself and do not quit. No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. It is how you learn and grow from your mistakes that is important.

A relapse does not define you, your decision to remain in recovery despite a relapse defines you.

The road to recovery is a bumpy one. You will have days that seem so easy, and then you will have days where you swear the devil himself was around every corner. Recovery is hard. Recovery is proof that you are a fighter and you are not weak!

You are a true warrior if you can say you have even 1 day of sobriety. Keep fighting because you are worth it and the world needs you in it!!

Try using these worksheets to continue on your journey in recovery 🙂


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